Perpetually Depressed – Young India Needs Help!!

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This is a fact, not a fiction. Depression is doing circles among young Indians. Everyday, we wake up to read random news about how a young techie jumped to his death from an office building. We toss aside snippets on how young girls randomly hang themselves after a petty fight with boyfriend. Should we be worried? Yes! Very Much!!

With 36% of India being depressed all the time, there is a growing concern across the nation. A majority of young crowd is said to be either seeing a shrink or falling prey to substance abuse. In these trying times, it is our collective responsibility to address the issue with all seriousness.

Interestingly, most youngsters refer themselves to be ‘depressed’, using a loaded word for a trivial mental agitation. Once upon a time, depression meant clinical diagnosis and prognosis. Now, depression simply leads the kids to take extreme steps without even trying to resolve the matter. This reveals that the new generation has little or no patience to deal with problems. Adding to that, even the parents do not find time to notice the situation at home and try to talk to their children.

Depression is a state of mind. Most of the high earning young professionals count on a therapist to set things right. However, it has to be understood that only the best need to be consulted on the matter. Not every therapist knows a plausible pattern of working along with the young patient. Some of them even try to douse their victim in meds, shoving them further down the well.

For those of you who are young and reading this post, understand that a depressed state of mind needs right approach and fine tuning. Understand that living in the dark will not fetch light. Spend time with those who really love you and are capable of pulling you out of the misery. A deliberate step taken towards death cannot be reversed. You can achieve so much more staying alive than rolling restlessly in the grave.

Stay strong, fight depression today.



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