People of Andhra Should Stop Obsessing Over TN’s ‘Best Practices’

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There has been a sincere tribute over the passing of a great leader, and then there was a rip roaring euphoria about the Jallikattu movement. Tamil Nadu’s incidents may or may not have impacted the rest of the world, but Andhra simply fell in love with them all. Taking a cue from¬†JalliKattu as a best practice, the people of Andhra ‘think joined up’ to march a ground breaking movement in Vizag. People said “they could fight for the bulls, but we couldn’t even try sincerely to attain the special status”. Wars have been waged on Facebook, and the battles successfully won by blocking each other out.

Let us just be polite and not comment on the manifestations of it. And now, a new buzz is doing the rounds – Sasikala Natarajan kicking Paneer Selvam and taking over as the Chief Minister. Interesting ideas are now cropping up all over the social media, specially from the folks of Andhra. How stuff can be made possible from the impossible.

The people here do have a mighty spirit, that’s the fortunate part. Now comes the unfortunate part – the respective leaders in the opposition constantly fail to keep up. The kind of attention to detail and willingness to ‘adopt’ new strategies is a welcome sign. But the question remains – why Tamil Nadu? Why are the people of AP so obsessed?

Actually, let us take two different possibilities of deriving inspiration for the state – best practices from good examples and real time strategies by the most brilliant of Andhra. We have other states from where great practices can be emulated, or better yet, the creme’ of Andhra Pradesh joining up to make things happen for the state. Interestingly, most of the native screamers announce their opinions and views sitting in the neighboring Telugu state. And the rest who are in the zone, do not even make an attempt to show up at the startup fests and other forums of progressive discussions.

The great state that boasts of genius brains and talented personalities now resorts to depending on Tamil Nadu for path breaking ideas. There is more irony than humor here.



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