For People of Andhra, Ugadi is All About Giving

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Ugadi rings in tomorrow for Sunrise Andhra Pradesh. Telugu festival that is celebrated in great harmony and love with the loved ones, Ugadi makes people of Andhra give more than take. The festive aura that starts off with sweet, sour and bitter yet irresistible Ugadi Pachadi goes on with get together, fun moments and quality times.

Post bifurcation, the people of the state have carried forth paramount hope towards greater possibilities. Slowly and steadily, things are falling in place, coping with several hurdles and glitches. Ugadi this year means reaching out to each other and working closely towards our own happy society.

Happiness Index – one of the prime agendas of the state and the vision. Half the responsibility lies on our shoulders. What we want, how we want to achieve this – whether with a progressive approach is all that will decide the days to come. We can either work collectively or complain. We can either become the torch bearers of development or sink into the oblivion. It’s all up to us.

Let us give a little more to each other and celebrate the spirit of Ugadi, our Telugu festival.



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