Pawan Kalyan’s Calibrated Response On Kapu Quota

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Jana Sena Honcho and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is well reputed for his blatant frankness in the media. The star had emerged to be one of the powerful personalities who influences the young minds like no other. It is but natural that the whole world started listening when the actor made time from his busy schedule of Sardaar Gabbar Singh to make a statement on the ongoing issue of Kapu Garjana.

Pawan was adequately mellow and balanced while addressing questions from the press. It has to be remembered that it was with his support that Telugu Desam Party managed to sweep majority votes in the new state of Andhra Pradesh. He also represents the strong section of the Kapu community, hailing from there. However, Pawan took a matured and insightful stance while speaking out on the issue with the media today.

Soon after the news was out over the Kapu meeting taking an aggressive turn, the Jana Sena chief cancelled his film shoot and took a flight to take control of the prevailing situation in coastal Andhra, especially at Tuni.

The actor shared his thoughts over the unexpected turn of Kapu Garjana into a violent movement.

Here are some of the important remarks made by Pawan Kalyan over the incident:

“I am deeply pained with the incident at Tuni. Kapus were recognized as a backward class in North Andhra, in Telangana but not in Rayalaseema and coastal parts”

“These kind of protests should be peaceful, Tuni incident is an unfortunate one. This issue has been prevalent ever since the time of British Raj”

“I was surprised that government has not taken any extra measures to maintain peace and order. These issues should be fixed on time or they tend to go overboard with no communique”

“These sort of troubles happen in many places in India. Patels, Gujjars are also protesting for their caste status and stopped trains”

“I believe that there were anti-social elements behind burning the train. The problems regarding reservations cannot be solved overnight. All the parties have to come forward to resolve the issue in a unified manner”

“To achieve their rights, Kapus have to act in a methodical manner. I dont fight for caste system. I fight for people at large”

“I believe that all  problems can be resolved through a constitutional method. Leaders of a movement should act with responsibility”

“Political parties are promising many things at the time of elections without considering the scope of implementing them. Kapus have to be accommodated in BC list without causing much loss to the other sections that are already a part of the list”

“The reason behind me not reacting for Rohith Vemula’s suicide is that it is not the first one of its kind. Suicides have been happening over years in the universities. However, I feel deeply pained by the incident. He was a brilliant student. Rohith’s suicide has been extremely politicized. That’s the reason for me to stay away and not comment over it”



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