Pawan Kalyan – Man Of The Masses

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He is Thammudu for some, Bangaram for many. Pawan Kalyan, the Actor, Philanthropist, Politician and Thinker. The man is remarkable for a hundred reasons. I shall try and narrow them down to few. There are some of you who will agree that words may not be enough to substantiate the kind of depth he carries around. Or the magnanimity of his presence. Not to forget, the kind of influence he casts on his young followers.

He may have entered showbiz as a ‘Mega’ brother, but Pawan Kalyan went on to prove something distinctive about him. The actor and star worshiped for his style and mannerisms carries his unique mind set and individuality. Blatantly honest, unimaginably eccentric, Pawan Kalyan refuses to follow a path laid by someone else. He believes his own instincts.

Pawan Kalyan’s journey with films is a story of struggle in itself. Guts, Guns and Glory, goes the tagline of his new movie. True, these words actually symbolise his ordeals and successes seen at box office. Despite some great innings, Pawan Kalyan suffered intense setbacks when his films started bombing one after the other. He kept his stand. Continued to follow his instincts. Understood his fans. And he got back in the game. While the film Gabbar Singh looked like a reprisal of sorts, the Rambabu of the masses had something more meaningful to achieve ahead. The time had come to throw a Panjaa at great revelations and manifestations.

It was surprising to see the most admired Tollywood star take a plunge into the mean whirlpool called Indian politics. Some called it a real bad move, some laughed it off and others compared it with his brother’s past debacles. Pawan Kalyan only moved up the notch, silencing people with his honest statements and commitment to serve in the name of his Jana Sena Party.

Today, Pawan Kalyan is an evolved man. From where he had come, to where he is. A straight arrow who never backs down about his personal or professional idiosyncrasies. Pawan Kalyan  grew up with his fans. He metamorphosed into a thinker down the line. That ‘Power Star’ title is so very apt. He is powerful in his own way.

The examples set by this star apart from the incredible style quotient are quite amazing. Most Pawan Kalyan fan groups follow his path – they do their bit in the name of service to the community. In the littlest of ways, following the name of either Jana Sena or Pawanism. If this is not a meaningful outcome of being a celebrity, I quite do not know what else is.

Pawanism continues to inspire. Pawan Kalyan goes on his questioning spree, asking the government on behalf of a common man. He became a part of every household; as one of the brothers who has the guts to come out and seek the truth. His standing to see better governance as a citizen first and a leader later is admirable and worth mentioning.

Pawan Kalyan – the man of the masses, the man for the masses.




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