Patanjali’s Presence Will Turn Things Around For AP in FMCG

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India is now seeing the rise of Ayurveda in everyday lives. Patanjali, Ramdev Baba’s brainchild may have fetched few laughs here and there at the start, but now, the brand is a billion dollar baby. Patanjali is easily one of the fastest growing FMCG products in the country today, beating to pulp the likes of Unilever. Right from the toothpaste to first of its kind herbal anti ageing cream, the Patanjali products are being consumed in large volumes. The primary Indian market comprises of middle income groups, and they are now loyal customers of the brand. Hence, it is of little surprise that market Pundits predict revenue of Rs 5,000 Cr this oncoming fiscal.

It has been said by Ramdev Baba several times that profits from Patanjali go to charity. The company has made exponential leap ever since its inception in the year 2005. In a span of a decade, Patanjali now reaps in millions, introducing more innovative products to its customers.

Patanjali’s Food Park in Andhra Pradesh – a Definite Game Changer

The recent news about Patanjali’s plan to open a giant food park in Andhra Pradesh opens great new avenues within the state. Irrespective of the fact that FMCG is largely undermined as compared to the other verticals in the industry (due to the current state scenario rushing to attract investments in major areas), the food park will throw the doors wide open to employment.

Engaging Requisite Skill Into FMCG

Skill development is one of the most critical areas for the state as of now. With a large food plant with such a gamut setting its base, local skill gets a boost. Employing staff and workers for the plant will generate more livelihood for the locals and the residents.

patanjali-food-park_660_061815120840 Patanjali's Presence Will Turn Things Around For AP in FMCG

Brand Presence That Will Change Few Things

Patanjali’s brand presence in AP will also catch the eye of other potential FMCG investors. As of now, Patanjali is on its way up to become a unanimous market leader. The company is also planning to set up two other food parks in Assam and MP, apart from Andhra. Once the operations kick off, series of outcomes are likely to happen, fetching more possibilities for the state.

patanjali-products-lead Patanjali's Presence Will Turn Things Around For AP in FMCG

Way Forward

The 200 acre plant that will soon be set up is all the more likely to come up in north coastal Andhra region. APIIC is on the hunt for the land and the state is looking at a possible generation of 10,000 jobs.

Looks like AP state government’s plan to offer Rs 50 Cr incentives to all mega food parks had caught positive reception. What had started off as a strategy to attract more investments towards the state will garner a win win situation with Patanjali group added to the client list.

Patanjali is also on a roll, planning some more food parks across the nation in prime cities. There are some great announcements also in the pipeline, coming from the Group. The company aims to touch the lives of hard working farmers by inducting them to the larger market. They are also planning to invest Rs 500 Cr on 4 mega cow shelters across the country and invest an additional Rs 750 Cr into Ayurvedic research.



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