“His Party is the Third Rotten Laddoo of AP” BJP on Pawan Kalyan

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Pawan Kalyan’s public speech at Kakinada did not go well with the ruling government for all the predictable reasons. The star, who opened his speech with popular ‘rotten laddoo’ statement received a quick retaliation from the BJP itself.

BJP called Jana Sena Party as the third rotten laddoo of Andhra Pradesh. The party condemned the way Pawan Kalyan took on the centre, blaming union ministry and the Telugu Desam Party back home for not working towards the promised Special Category Status for AP.

This apart, BJP is more than willing to hold a debate with Pawan Kalyan on several of issues that were raised during his speech.

To this effect, Akula Satyanarayana, BJP MLA of Rajahmundry stated that the party was prepared for a debate with Pawan Kalyan as to whether which one was actually better for the state – SCS Vs Special Package that was announced by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

He said that while BJP respected Mr. Pawan as a nationalist leader and his genuine concern for welfare of AP, his stand on SCS differed from what he had indeed articulated during his Tirupati meeting and his statements at Kakinada a few days later.

“Mr. Pawan should have properly understood what was given for AP before making his comments on BJP leaders. He should remember that he had the privilege of being taken to the Central hall of Parliament by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi, though he was not an elected representative of the people,” Mr. Satyanarayana observed, while talking to the press.



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