AP’s “Parishkara Vedika” is Easily The Biggest Solution Fix for the Citizens!!

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Chandrababu Naidu, the tech savvy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is popular for his novel and “never before heard” ideas of governance. The latest to join his list of novelties is “Parishkara Vedika”, a call center that has been set up to hear and redress the grievances of the public.

“Parishkara Vedika”, a mega call center was inaugurated by the CM on Friday in the state capital, Amaravati. This is another addition to his idea of creating a government that is citizen centric.

The main objective of this call center is to establish a forum that will redress the grievances of all the citizens and offer them easily approachable and transparent services just by giving their Aadhaar Number.

pv AP's “Parishkara Vedika” is Easily The Biggest Solution Fix for the Citizens!!

The aim of establishing this center is to gain feedback from citizens about the various schemes introduced by the government while also offering them directions to reap maximum benefits from the various schemes. The citizens can contact the center using various mediums like SMS, social media, web chat, IVRS, voice response and the various websites introduced by the AP government.

750 seats to begin with, the center will be operating for 12 hours during its initial operation.

During the inauguration ceremony the CM said that with this call center, his government aims to make use of the latest technologies to connect with the public and ensure that they are completely satisfied. He added that the center will not only resolve the problems of the citizens but will also play an important role in keeping corruption under check.

The center has introduced a number of facilities like robocalls recorded in the CM’s voice for various occasions, interactive voice response system, automatic call distribution, computer telephone integration, performance monitoring, citizen experience management center application, recording with toll free numbers for the citizens and quality management.



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