Paris Attacks – 5 Lessons That Global Media Taught The Great Indian Media

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The recent attacks on Paris, Lebanon and Baghdad were traumatic and inhuman. Several innocent lives were claimed in the name of unwanted mass murder by the terrorists belonging to few suspected organizations. Last two days, the world grieved the cruel attacks on France and prayed collectively in oneness.

There was also something very singular about the way International and the French media handled the coverage of the mishap. Perhaps some worthy lessons to the Indian media showing how sensitive incidents and issues have to be reported.

Here are five important lessons for the great melodramatic Indian media, which would have blown the same incident out of proportion and wreaked havoc.

Lesson 1 – Respect The Dead

Rewind the coverage on Paris and you will notice that there was not a single camera zoomed on to the exposed dead bodies or blood splatter. The dead were respected duly while reporting the sensitive news from the location. Come India and the situation would have been so contrary, what with the media hungry demons.

Lesson 2 –  Get Your Facts Right

The number of casualties accounted for did not suddenly shoot up over the rooftop and then came down slowly. In fact, the actual numbers were carefully revealed after close inspection and checking with real time updates. If this was India, our breaking news would have read “Death toll in thousands” the very first instance!!

paris-media2 Paris Attacks - 5 Lessons That Global Media Taught The Great Indian Media

Lesson 3 – Do NOT Politicize The Issue

Facts and factoids are still being collected and the global media is being very careful not to pounce or single out any particular organization or entity. Our great Indian media would have turned the same story into thousand different versions and would have held some real noisy multi window discussions that lead to nowhere.

Lesson 4 – Act Responsibly

Last 48 hours has seen the international media pay close attention to every detail, keeping the incident near life. Indian media would have possibly made this incident a super sensation to gather their TRP ratings.

Lesson 5 – GROW UP!!

Seriously, we need to come joined up for the world peace and stop this cacophony of blame game. The media as such holds a great responsibility in a society and a country to make this happen.

Wake up, Indian Media. Learn some lessons and stop worrying about revenue generation for once.



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