Parakala & Sitharaman – The Power Couple of Andhra

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He is the communication honcho, she is an able strategist. Lately, the concept of ‘power couple’ has been missing from the scene when it comes to¬†Indian governance. Andhra Pradesh for one, can flaunt such an impeccable spousal force that works towards better politics and administration. This is precisely where Parakala Prabhakar and Nirmala Sitharaman come to the fore – to prove that a powerful governance sometimes also needs two heads from the same family. Chandrababu Naidu’s ministry holds in with the sheer gamut of this powerful duo, who take the lead in some of the most critical matters when it comes to state governance.

The name Parakala is synonymous with a forceful voice and deeply seeded thoughts that echo the well being of Andhra. Hailing from Narsapuram, Parakala Prabhakar had come a long way, indeed. His exposure to Indian politics goes back in time, when he steered the then Praja Rajyam party as a key spokesman. Dr Prabhakar also happened to make a tremendous impact as the spokesperson for AP unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party. A strong political thought leader with potent aspirations for state’s growth, Parakala is well respected for more reasons than one. Serving currently as the Communications Advisor for AP Govt, Parakala was one of the prime torch bearers who voiced and participated in the great Samaikyandhra Movement. His efforts and inputs for the growth and prosperity of the newly formed Andhra Pradesh state are still going steady and firm. Dr Prabhakar is also termed as Mr Naidu’s ‘Man Friday’ most occasions.

Dr Parakala’s wife and better half, Nirmala Sitharaman needs no special mention. A well reputed Indian politician of Andhra Pradesh, Mrs Sitharaman proved that she is an able personality to carry out the fitting responsibility as the Minister of State, Independent Charge for Commerce and Industry. Sitharaman is one of the very few intelligent and strategic leaders that Indian governance can boast of in the present times. A powerful woman of substantial experience into politics, Nirmala also served as the national spokesperson for BJP, just like her husband. Ms Sitharaman is known for her ruthless and effective approaches and actions with lapses in the running of governance. A woman in her right mind who thinks ten steps ahead when it comes to state government’s moves. Nirmala Sitharaman is also an able enforcer of regulations and a deserving checkmate in terms of power and position to her spouse.

A powerfully poetic duo of life partners who steer the CM’s governance ahead in the state. Power couple, after a long time that we can see and vouch for one without second thoughts!!




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