Palutla Tribal Village, Looking Towards Progressive New Dawn

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From Abandoned Election Zone to a Self Reliant Hamlet
Palutla Tribal Village, Nallamalla Hills

Imagine a tribal village that was largely used as a viable ground for election campaigns and was later left abandoned the rest of the year – a village that inhabits more than 1500 people hailing from the Chenchu and Sugali tribes. Palutla, a small hamlet that is positioned deep inside the Nallamalla forests is slowly looking towards the direction of a new dawn.

Palutla was asked to be adopted by the district Joint Collector Hari Jawaharlal post the instruction given by CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu – the face and outcomes for the village have completely shifted ever since. There is a new hope, with emerging initiatives that direct at uplifting of living conditions, skill development and decent Pucca roads.

What was in Shambles, Now A Place of Growth

Most times, Palutla was visited by the officials only in the times of holding elections. There was absolutely no focus on the way forward for the forlorn hamlet that had no nothing nurturing. Now, the village constantly sees many avenues and opportunities directing towards progress.

The plan has been and will continue to empower the tribal groups by way of meaningful interventions, such as skill development for women and young adults, solar energy, agriculture etc. This village was largely deprived of electricity so far, as it had been an active zone through which high tension wires taking power from the Srisailam hydro electric power station pass, and the laying of regular power lines was out of question. These tribals live close to the rich habitat of Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Sanctuary.

The New High of Electrification

Darkness is a thing of the past for this village, as there is a new solar power system established by the Energy Development Corporation of India in collaboration with AP Southern Power Distribution Company. The total cost for the same is Rs 1 Crore, providing lighting to 300 habitations with 25 street lights in place.

Evolving Farmers, New Self Esteem

Thanks to the Forest Rights Act in place, more than hundred tribals have now turned into farmers, displaying good self esteem. These tribals now cultivate crops like cotton and chilli in an expanse of 360 acres with diesel engine electric motors in place given by the district administration.

Subsidized milch cattle and poultry birds will also be offered soon by the Animal Husbandry Department. More avenues are being created for women, who will be supplied with training and tailoring machines to augment income within families.

Pucca Road Ahead

The govt is actively working towards laying pucca roads in and around the village. Plans are also on to enable proper drinking water facility to the tribals.

There are more plans ahead for Palutla, and the tribals here now see greater prospects with their life and living conditions, rather than being just a breeding ground for election campaigns.



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