One Year Already – We Cherish You, Kalam Sir

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It’s one year exactly, since the blessed soul had departed from among us.Dr A P J Abdul Kalam has left an imminent void that nobody can fill, really. The teacher of all teachers, the visionary who had only one plan for the country – development.

apj-students1 One Year Already - We Cherish You, Kalam Sir

It is strange that we still cannot come to terms, calling this day as his ‘death’ anniversary. Kalam Sir continues to live in the hearts of millions and will do so for the generations to come. The man who gave away all his life to science, research and education had left us life’s many greatest lessons.

kalam-old One Year Already - We Cherish You, Kalam Sir

Kalam Sir was known to have dedicated his life’s work for the better India. The ‘Missile Man’ had more following than any of the film stars, politicians or other prominent people of this democracy. His impeccable aura continues to engulf the nation that now promises better advancements across the fields. Students continue to worship the great man and aspire to follow what he had left behind – an undying inspiration to work towards uplifting the nation.

apj-students2 One Year Already - We Cherish You, Kalam Sir

Today is not the reminder of his end, but his every beginning. Let us pay our tributes to the greatest mentor and innovator who had ever walked this part of the earth. Let us take an oath to follow his footsteps where we can.

We miss you, Kalam Sir.



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