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One brick is all it takes to finish that long standing unfinished wall. One brick is all it takes to close a patch. One brick is all it takes to build a capital city.

Contribute to My Brick My Amaravati campaign by AP government and buy bricks for Amaravati. You need not be a stranger to take a leap towards the future of AP. You can be a neighbour, an expat, a friend, a family, or even Amaravati’s own blood. Take one step ahead and buy bricks that cost ten rupees each. Help build one of the most important capitals that will recreate history for Andhra Pradesh.

My Brick My Amaravati campaign was launched by the Chief Minister Sri N Chandrababu Naidu yesterday. There was an overwhelming response so far. Nearly 7 lakh bricks have been bought and invested. Let us make it count to 7 crore. More the better. The time had indeed come to leave those petty differences and join the process.

Amaravati needs us all now more than ever. It is our duty to help lay the bricks for the dreams of Andhra Pradesh. It is our entitlement to salute the land of great history, grandeur and splendour. As Indians, as Hyderabadis, as Telanganites, as Americans – it doesnt matter where we come from. What we do for our endearing state called Andhra is what matters. Everyday, we spend hundreds of bucks doing online shopping with retail merchants. Let us keep some money aside and contribute for Amaravati. Its worth a click for those who are waiting in the land of Sunrise state to see development.

Come, let us invest and give bricks to Amaravati.





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