An Ode To The Real Torch Bearers of Rama Rajya

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To the real torch bearers of Rama Rajya

We believe in co existence
We have been resilient towards atrocities of our own
We have followed the real essence of Dharma and Karma in true spirit
We have made more reservations for other religions than our own
We have walked the path of perseverance when some of our own have never appreciated the positives
We have celebrated our festivals with Bhais and brothers, have gone to their homes to be a part of their celebrations
We have and are continually striving for peace
We have and will propagate the actual values of the Gita
We have and will tread the difficult yet courageous path of Lord Shri Ram
We have and will rejoice the soul of true Hindutva
We will remain on our home ground and walk the ground blessed by the legacy of Rama
We will ask for forgiveness on behalf of those who don’t understand the true meaning of Rama Bhaavam
Happy Sri Rama Navami



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