“It’s Not Just the Politics, Not Just The Vision. It’s Much More Than That” – [email protected]

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The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is widely reckoned for his impeccable vision. N Chandrababu Naidu is always looked upon as a futuristic leader; the politician who had embarked on a rather long journey to get to where he is. Naidu, celebrated for his tech savvy approach to transform the mankind continues to be an icon for the salary earning middle class. He began the ‘job generating’ movement in the early 2000s, by bringing in the foreign investment into the country.

CBN, as he is fondly called by many, has been constantly referred to as a case study of a successful mindset. He believes in things much before they happen. He envisions them inside his mind, and represents the possibilities in the form of a solid plan. Often ridiculed at the beginning, most things that he would have seen inside his head as the plan of action see concrete outcomes. After journeying 40 years of political peregrination, starting out as a student leader, Chandrababu Naidu knows what exactly it takes to rule the people – their welfare.

He has a personality that kind of intimidates others. His younger version of a serious demeanour and lacklustre smile was always the subject of criticism, with some of the political analysts citing it as the main reason to fail while attracting the masses with charm. However, CBN managed to deliver the goods and get himself elected and re-elected as the people’s leader, with his stupendous ability to transform dreams to reality.

Experts continue to speculate if the Chief Minister has the same capabilities like before, the sort of energy and bent he had while building the Hi tech city. Regardless of the prevailing doubts and certainty, the CM of new bifurcated Andhra Pradesh managed to make the state number one in the Ease of Doing Business. His magnetism with the foreign investors never goes wrong, whether or not the rest believe in his conviction.

Pushing 70, N Chandrababu Naidu still goes to work like a 40 year old. He makes sure of actionable results every single day, sometimes reprimanding his officials and sometimes getting things done on his own. He goes on about building the new capital Amaravati, despite the prevailing accusations coming from the non believers. Like I have referred once earlier, he is the Vishwakarma who builds destinies.

Somehow, it’s just not the politics or vision alone. CBN is a firebrand that radiates an infectious amount of energy and insight. Those who work with him, follow him or even emulate him end up gaining some of those successful traits.

The man who ties his shoes and gets to work building world class spaces and cities despite the ongoing mockery, CBN is an enigma that cannot be either explained or judged in simple terms.



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