Non Believers Should Take Frequent Trips to Greater Hyderabad

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There is no option but to go back and refer to the game changing case study from the CM's list of pages - Greater Hyderabad.

The new secretariat at Velagapudi was completed in record time. Vizag’s FinTech and Millennium towers are deigning to incubate some of the happening global players. Close to 8 IT companies have opened their operational seaters at Vijayawada. Still, people do not have an inkling to believe and ‘hope’. Agreed, a lot of doubt still prevails across because of the after effects of bifurcation. Plenty of work remaining, the Chief Minister is doing everything he can to bring ‘things to level’, that too on an empty ground.

The fact of the matter is that, dreams are often built on empty bases – right from the scratch. Our inherent nature to complain and see the half empty glass often blocks sense of optimism – and the acceptance that things are moving slowly, and not completely at zero. There is no option but to go back and refer to the game changing case study from the CM’s list of pages – Greater Hyderabad. Also called as Cyberabad and the happening destination of jobs, investments and economic dynamics, the part of the city that was recreated by Mr Naidu to become a booming hub of employment and revenue generation continues to grow.

There are those naysayers who will want to bring up the circumstances under which Hi tech City was built – IT boom and all. The underlying truth is that there was an absolute sense of hopelessness that prevailed among the youth that time with respect to opportunities and prospects. Structures were built on empty grounds, despite all the mockery and complete disregard. Chandrababu Naidu’s single handed mission turned out to become an eternal bread winner for the middle class segment this side, and continues to feed many families thanks to the countless jobs with the multi national companies operating out of the SEZs.

Velagapudi is set to grow and nurture. Whenever a sense of non belief prevails, it is advisable to take frequent trips to Hyderabad and get a feeler. After all, seeing is believing and what is not in sight is never in mind. Do pay us a visit here and feel revived about the great possibility that are about to happen at Amaravati.



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