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It’s His Way or HighWay

Thinadaaniki thindi undi thinakapovadamey upavaasam..

Padukodaaniki mancham undii nidrapoka povadamey jaagaaram..

Narakadaaniki katthi..narikinchukodaaniko manishi undi Kooda aa pani cheyaka povadamey maanavathvam..

You would be very familiar with this dialogue. Going in the same stretch

Thagilentha dooram lo power undii pattinchukoka povadamey Pawan Kalyan!!

There is nothing wrong with that thought. Nothing less either. Because now, PK is the one and only chap who maintains friendly proximity with both the PM and CM and YET..questions the system when it matters!!

In the times of give and take and every gesture being cited as a commercial transaction between people, Pawan Kalyan rises above the rest as a better human being. You will not deny this, and I am sticking to that viewpoint already.

PK…Why are You Like ThIS?!!

Adhikaaram ayinaa

Aavedhana ayinaa

Aakrosham ayinaa

Pawan stands for those need help in the trying times.

Em? Cinemaalu chesukovacchugaa?

Gaddam penchukoni yendalo thiragadam endhuku?

Only answer for that one. A very human heart that beats to the atrocities of the doers and the anxieties of the people. One has to have sheer guts to be a PK. Perhaps exceptional guts.

Gunde nindaa dhairyam undi!!

Maatallo bayatapaduthundi

Gattiga nilabadinappudu thelusthundi

Pawan dammu antey..anthaku minchi!!

His guts is what makes Pawan Kalyan a fearless warrior. The fighter who blatantly asks the most feared questions to the politicians and the government. A man who doesn’t give a damn to anybody.

Pawan’s biggest strength is his biggest weakness.

The system went wrong for a while. Pawan Kalyan made it a point to reappear. Constantly appear when it really mattered.

Raavadam venaka swaardham ledu

Niladeesina theerulo pakshapaatham ledu

Only Nijaayithi…seeker of the truth!

Pawan Kalyan should continue the momentum

It’s time for Power star to take his power to the next level. Influence his followers in the productive lines.

Is PK the next Che Guevara

A million dollar question this!

Paatalloni Get ups loney Kaadu

Aalochanallo Kooda Pawan ki Che Guevara unnaadu.

Unnattundi spandisthaadu

React avthaadu

Udhyamam antaadu.. oogipothaadu

Che Kooda anthey. Poraadaadu. Kadilinchaadu. Nadipinchaadu.

The only space where Che Guevara slipped was at politics. What about PK?

There is no concrete conclusion here. But one thing is for sure

Pawan Kalyan is the REAL Sardaar

Sardaar antey aadmi Dil Se!!

Manasunna Manishi

Aadukuney Swabhaavam..spandinchey gunam..niladeesey lakshanam

Hats off to the Gabbar Singh!



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