Need Duplicate Key in Ongole? You Have to Show Your Aadhaar Card

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Ongole proves a point that Aadhaar Card is in place primarily for the security and safety of citizens in India. Aadhaar, which is usually taken out and photocopied to process vital documents with government, can also be your ticket for safety. This was practiced lately by the people of Prakasam.

In Ongole, people who misplace or lose keys to locks can get a duplicate key done only on one condition – by displaying their Aadhaar card to the key makes.

Off late, several incidents of theft have led the key makers to look at a suitable solution that addresses the fraud. The key makers now demand the 12-digit unique identity number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) before they set to work on key blanks to create duplicates for the locks of anything – scooters, motorbikes and doors.

This is a great practice, as it sets the tone of discipline and keeps a check on fraud incidents. Looks like the rest of the nation has to now take a cue from Ongole and start using the power of Aadhaar for self defense.



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