Mr PK, Do You Have Better Ideas For AP?

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“Mokkey Kada Ani Peekithey.. Peeka Kostha”

Now that was supposed to be your brother’s dialogue in a film. Mr Power Star, we all adore you on screen. You really belong in there. But why are you after our lives going on and on about the Land Pooling Scheme?

As it is, we are sitting on thorns post the state division. Really appreciate your support for TDP and help pre-election. But what’s the point stepping on the plans suddenly, just because you love farming?

Agriculture will remain to be one of Andhra’s biggest assets. We are going to toil and flourish, grow crops. But the situation of the state is very dicey, what with all our struggle over the years being taken away in the name of Hyderabad. We have to reboot and restart, and we would really love some support.

Mr Ganga Tho Rambabu, we love your honest and simple take on the issue called Agricultural land being used up in the name of land pooling. But sir, with all due respect, we do need some land for future development, no? Where do you want us to go for a barren ground? Telangana?

To think of it, majority of Andhra is a fertile land. But not everyone is a farmer. Maybe, you can still become one after all these years of success in the industry. But most of our sons have studied and graduated with degrees, and need some real jobs in their home state. And SEZ s cant be made in the air. We don’t want more Satya Nadellas in the making, who are forced to join the brain drain due to the lack of options and opportunities here.

Yes, there will be resistance from some of our farmers on the issue. There will be complaints. But right now, what with the Center playing Avenger games and only one Iron Man called CBN at our disposal, we could use some useful ideas rather than sensational tweets and sudden visits once every blue moon to Andhra.

Mr Pawan Kalyan, do let us know if you have better ideas. Let us work in tandem for growing the state. We can rely on some productive thoughts from our Gabbar Singh.



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