Mr Khan, You Have a Way With People of India

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Just two months ago, Mr Aamir Khan created quite a sensation. The news of Mr Khan making a statement that India had become ‘intolerant’ spread like a wild fire. There was a huge uproar, people went furious and disgusted. Protests were made both on the social media as well as in real life, talking about the audacity of the perfectionist who flaunts a million Indian followers in broad daylight. Husbands who love Mr Selective and wives who adore SRK fought to death over the matter, ending up sleeping on separate couches. Mr Aamir Khan, you have quite an effect on the masses of India.

Our celebrities are such. They can get away with almost anything, irrational comments included. When the word ‘intolerance’ picked up a heat wave in the country, our neighbours must have had a good laugh on our backs. Stars who supposedly hail from the ‘minorities’ started speaking up, piggy backed with their celeb friends who wanted their share of limelight. But somehow, things went to an extreme end when Aamir spoke up about the issue. The man who had invoked a deep sense of patriotism within his brethren with Satyamev Jayate on the telly seemed to shock his admirers beyond belief. But again, there is no point dissecting the issue one more time. Aamir Yahan Bhi Bikta Hain, Aur Wahan Bhi!!

Let us just reel forward and set the timeline to the present. The same Mr Aamir Khan sings our sacred National Anthem, kick starting the ProKabaddi’s 3rd season in a row. He also makes a joke about being the captain of a Kabaddi team. People will applaud his ‘stance’ despite the issue that had transpired only two months ago. Shoppers will start buying from SnapDeal again. The entire nation will go time freeze on Sundays to watch Satyamev Jayate again. Fans will await his next film one more time, giving a Shaabaashi to his sense of recovery, while on the other hand it is all about protecting that star image and raking in the Moolah.

Just like in our films, life will go on. The Aam Aadmi will crib about the social issues while the party leaders will strategize on their personal agenda. Folks in the internet business will make ridiculous videos, taking sides. Aamirs and Shah Rukhs will continue to entertain their audience, doing Dard E Disco for India on screen and complaining off the record.

Khan Ji, Tussi Great Ho. Arrey, why not.

SRK Aamir Sallu Saif – Yahan bhi bikte hain aur Wahan Bhi..






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