Mr CBN – Building Destinies From Madhapur to Amaravati

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“Job Kaavalantey Babu Raavali”

(You need a job, You need Babu on board)

I happened to sight this brilliant piece of copy somewhere on a wall near a Railway Station few years ago in Hyderabad. The plight of the working class in Andhra Pradesh at the beginning of the decade was grim. No jobs, no employment, absolutely no avenues to pursue. The possibility of foreign investments coming into the economy was something else at that time.

To attract global investors, we required a break through model. An idea, an out of the box proposition that would lure them all to come over and set up a shop. Something drastic, but something quick and smart. Too many qualified graduates and no earnings or openings. The situation was sinking for most livelihoods that operated on the EMI pattern of life.

Then came Mr Chandrababu Naidu. The common man still had no idea what he would do. Mr Babu changed the face of modern Hyderabad. The way people looked at the city. His idea was larger than life. To convert a God forsaken village called Madhapur into a viable spot for investors. The idea which looked seemingly fictional and completely impossible.

bill-clinton Mr CBN – Building Destinies From Madhapur to Amaravati

Mr Babu Hosting The Then President of United States, Bill Clinton, When He Visited Hyderabad in 2000.

Back then, new age technology parks were just about to dawn on the Indian soil. First came Bengaluru, the city which embarked on creating massive tech parks with maximum work outsourced from US and UK. Mr Babu believed in the idea. He saw the sustainability of it. He looked beyond the horizon inside his head. We did not understand the gamut of that yet.

The scene was almost like Lord Rama building the Rama Setu. Large stones were blasted, new foundations were laid. Brick by brick followed. There was a persistent noise from the opposition, no questions there. A pertinent doubt surrounding the entire idea, right from concept to execution part of it. Failure was largely anticipated. More out of fear of a change.

I wish we had an Earth Cam that captured the time lapse on Madhapur. The way things started changing each passing day. Mr Naidu did not tire, never backed down, did not have a slightest of doubt. He went on and on, holding talks with the investors as the foundations turned into huge buildings. The fresh young graduates called us back then were waiting. Watching. Some of us stayed back while others left the country to become the future Satya Nadellas.

CBN’s idea eventually turned into a grand reality. Foreign investors started entering, one after the other. Shops were opened, jobs were offered. Avenues were created. Livelihoods were sustained.

To think of the possibilities. What if Mr Naidu had even a smallest of hunch? What if he had backed out any moment? Imagine the time gone by last 15 years without the concept and emergence of Hi Tech City and the new Cyberabad. The thought is scary as hell.

The working class of Hyderabad full of graduates will always thank Mr Naidu. He is one visionary who will make things happen, against all the odds. The fact that he is the CM of the new Andhra Pradesh is a good sign. He knows what works best for the middle classes and their survival. Foreign investors will inevitably flock to the direction he is set. Sri City is already swarming with operations. He is set to accomplish the mission called Amaravati, undoubtedly.

Who knows, we may see the writing on the wall in Amaravati someday.

“Job kaavalantey Babu Undaali”. (You need a job, Babu has to stay)



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