MPEDA Counts on AP For The 10 Billion Dollar Sea Produce by 2020

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Andhra Pradesh is undoubtedly one of the leading states when it comes to sea produce and aquaculture. The state flanks 2nd longest coastline in the country, and promises opulent scope for growing fisheries and aqua businesses in the world.

To this effect, the prestigious Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA) now banks on Andhra Pradesh in order to accomplish its mission of generating 10 Billion Dollar sea produce by the year 2020.

AP accounts for 40 percent out of the total sea produce generated by all the states in India. The state easily yields 70 percent of annual prawn produce. AP state government intends to showcase the sea produce potential of the state to the best possible extent, and the center is working in tandem in order to maximize the potential in this sector.

The goal of AP state government now is to identify prime regions in the state that yield rich produce in fish and prawn. These regions will be declared as Aqua Zones. The idea is to support the farmers in these zones with necessary utilities and equipment to make their yield exponential in the coming years. The state government is looking at assisting the farmers in these regions with the required hatcheries and processing units.

Experts will also be deployed in order to assist the farmers in these high produce zones. A detailed survey has been conducted to identify and tap the hot zones for aqua mining and fisheries.

Aquatic Quarantine Centers, which are only available in the other countries as of now, will soon become a reality in AP. As of now, Vizag and Nellore have been shortlisted to establish aquatic quarantine centers. This apart, a high quality brood stock multiplication center is also being planned to nurture good quality baby prawn supply.



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