Mori, The First AP Village With All Digital Governance!!

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The sleepy and laid back village of Sakhinetipalli Mandal is now destined to enter the pages of history. Mori, the village of East Godavari district has now been declared as the first ever super smart village of Andhra Pradesh. As the whole notion is trying to adapt to cashless method of payments, Mori went on to be declared as all digital administration Panchayat.

This is a great leap for the rural side of the state that is fast catching up with digitization mechanism. With Mori setting an example of sorts, the rest of the villages are soon following suit. The CM is very impressed with the village’s achievement and has now decided to launch the state government’s most coveted Fibernet program from the village on December 29th.

Mori has done great when it comes to adapting and switching to digital way of life. There are close to 1900 houses in this village which will soon tune into Fibernet hosted TV, internet and telephone services.

The village, which had earlier bagged the Swachh village award at a national level, will also become the first ever to have all digital governance.

Mori is now treading on to set a fine digital example to the rest of the villages in India.



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