YLIMUN Comes to Vizag!!

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From 24th June onwards, Hotel Rockdale Clarks will host a mock United Nation session for two days, which will attended by more than 250 students. The session will focus on debates and discussions on the various issues that are being faced by the world at large.

Young Leaders International Model United Nations (YLIMUN) is organizing this event with support being offered by various organizations including Sarda Metals & Alloys. Reports reveal that serious topics will be discussed on real time basis during the event.

According to Zoya Hosain and Ayush Somani, the coordinators of YLIMUN, all the delegates who would be attending this two day event can be assured of a great experience.

They said that the Executive Board for the event will comprise of renowned people. They added that with this event they aim to get the students back into the mould of quality debates and discussions. According to them, the students attending the event can either don the role of delegates or international press members like editors, reporters, photographers and cartoonists.

This is the first time that Vizag will be hosting the international MUN conference. When combining the MUN experience of the Executive Board members, it amounts to about 400 MUN conferences what with some of the chairpersons having been a part of 70 MUNs while there are others who have attended close to 100 MUNs. Surely with such vast experience, this Executive Board Panel is the best for a model UN session.






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