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Startup overdrive is now prevalent everywhere in India. Vijayawada, a happening business destination of Andhra Pradesh is no farther from this ongoing revolution. One man’s dream to empower the skilled talent in his very region is now taking a steady shape in the form of a promising business incubator.

Y-Square Business Incubator is now on a mission to empower local talent in the Vijayawada city. First of its kind business incubation centre that aims at grooming ‘an army’ of intellectuals has been founded by Y V Ratna Kumar.

The main aim of Y-Square Business Incubator is to provide a stable environment and ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs who are working on arriving at breakthrough solutions in the space of technology. The incubator plans to serve as an end to end launchpad for the startup companies that seek further opportunities that can also fetch global traction.

The incubator now looks at enabling the startup rookies in the following four ways:

Industry Oversight

Not many young startup guys have deep awareness about the industry that they operate in. Y-Square throws adequate insight into the nuances of what is happening, while educating starters with undercurrent that lies within.


Perhaps the most important need for any upcoming business entity, Y-Square Business Incubator makes it a top priority to enable startups with great networking.

Top of the Line Facilities

Investment is one of the crucial requirements for startups that show potential. Y-Square business incubator works towards getting the required investment once the idea looks scalable.

Great Enterprising Entrepreneurs

To be successful, you have to be among those who have seen success and imagine one. Y-Square offers great ecosystem for innovative entrepreneurship to take effect. Surrounded by both happening and budding entrepreneurs, the energy is fantastic.

Startups in and around Vijayawada who are aspiring to be the next big innovation can reach out to Y-Sqaure Business Incubator today and commence idea sharing.

Visit the website here – http://www.ysquare.in/



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