Middle Class Kids Are Mentally Stronger Than They Think – Five Reasons

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Life in a middle class family is filled with financial ups and downs; that’s precisely why the ride is such fun. Middle class idiosyncrasies have often been wonderfully portrayed on the silver screen, adopted into novels and theater plays. Those who have been raised in an Indian middle class set up will relate to this – there is never enough money, the going gets tough. All the more reason why life is a roller coaster ride.

New generation kids who hail from middle class families have transcended limited mindsets and inhibitions. These kids are raring to go, striving to become the next first generation entrepreneurs and rocket scientists. There is one flaw in the plan,though. The kids these days are overtly sensitive and expect immediate results. Some of them also don’t know their own inner mental strength while battling the adversities. Time for these youngsters to know the truth – you are a lot more mentally stronger than you think you are.

If you still don’t believe it, here are the five powerful reasons that will tell you why

You Come From A Family of EMIs, Life is A lot Easier Now

Remember the days when your parents would live off their entire life on easy monthly installments and bank loans – getting you through expensive college education and even sending you abroad. You hail from a family that has never backed down due to money problems. Take a cue from your parents and understand that you have a lot more options than they had.

You Have Amazing Moral Support

Even if you have a dad who regularly taunts you and mom who constantly chides on your mistakes, the reality is that your folks will come around for you where it matters the most. The biggest strength of a middle class family is the hiding moral support, waiting to come out and wage a war for you when you need it.

You Have Managed To Come This Far With Limited Means

You have had a good life as compared to many others in the society. You have have had little means in every area, but hey, you have made it till here. The point where you can start aiming at bigger things in life and world. If you have come this far, you can definitely go farther.

You Don’t Give Up That Easily

Never Give Up – You are internally hard wired that way. Therapists and experts say that upbringing makes or breaks a person. If you hail from middle class, you have definitely seen volatile situations and wins. Anything is a walk in the park for you. Why? Cos you don’t know what it means to give up.

You Believe in Possibilities

When push comes to shove, you may go to sleep in the worse case scenarios. But you will definitely wake with to an inherent belief system. You can do it, maybe enough effort was not put in. You will go back to trying again. Its in your DNA.

Being iron willed and open to challenges comes easy to those who are raised in a middle class environment. It is time to wake up to bigger plans and accept more risk taking. The arena is yours to play!!



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