Micro Managing, Truly in Mr Naidu’s DNA

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Some call it an uncomfortable habit to be imposed on, while others feel it is necessary. Whatever the scenario is, Mr Chandrababu Naidu is known for his constant micro managing in every matter of administration. Right from deciding the style of the interiors to nuances of construction works, the CM of Andhra Pradesh has once again proved that he needs nothing short of perfection when it comes to the final output.

inspects Micro Managing, Truly in Mr Naidu's DNA

Barely a day after his return from China and Delhi, Mr Naidu quickly made his way to visit the newly opened block 5 at the new secretariat in Velagapudi. What had caught the attention of his employees and subordinates is his extensive observation on the status of construction.

The Chief Minister inspected the progress of construction works to confirm that work stations have been designed, keeping modern workplaces in mind.

inspects2 Micro Managing, Truly in Mr Naidu's DNA

“Initially, there will be a few challenges and problems. Since we’re starting off from scratch, even government employees will have to adjust,” he added, while going about from floor to floor, examining the work done and the comfort for his employees.

inspects3 Micro Managing, Truly in Mr Naidu's DNA

Meanwhile, the employees of AP govt have made themselves at ease in the new premises and kicked off their routine operations. The rest of the construction continues to go on in a rather brisk pace, keeping the tight deadline in mind.

Whatever might this habit be called, Mr Naidu’s micro managing is usually done keeping the best interests of his staff in mind. What was evidenced for over a decades continues to remain so. Perhaps, micro managing is actually in his DNA.



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