Meeting on Arrival, Meeting on Departure – CM’s Ten Important Discussions in Zurich

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CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu got on to the business soon after landing in Zurich. He managed to complete ten very important meetings so far. All of these meetings have concluded with promising investment potential directed at the state. The CM continued to hustle into one meeting after the other relentlessly.

Here are the terrific ten so far

Meeting 1 – Stadler Rail Management

Stadler evinces interest to set up unit in Vizag

Stadler Rail Management AG is a $2.2-billion company with several production sites in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Belarus and Spain, is looking to expand its operations in India.
Stadler provides a comprehensive range of products in the commuter rail and railway segments. In addition, Stadler manufactures main-line dual-mode locomotives, shunting locomotives and passenger carriages, including the most powerful diesel-electric locomotive in Europe.

Mr. Peter Jenelten, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Member of the Group Executive Board; Mr. Stefan Rutishauser, Business Development Analyst and Mr. Thomas Zweifel, Project Manager Business Development from Stadler Rail Management AG met Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.

During the meeting, they informed the Chief Minister that they are planning to expand their operations in the US and India.

The company is now looking to expand its base to Visakhapatnam, by setting up an unit in the coastal city to manufacture parts with aluminium. This unit, they said, would provide 3,000 jobs.

They are specialized in producing coach bodies with aluminium and they have that technology. The company representatives informed the Chief Minister that they are looking at land, logistics, tax structures, and technically-strong human resources as main criteria to set up their unit.

Later, they invited the AP delegation to visit their manufacturing units.

meet3 Meeting on Arrival, Meeting on Departure - CM's Ten Important Discussions in Zurich

meet4 Meeting on Arrival, Meeting on Departure - CM's Ten Important Discussions in Zurich

meet5 Meeting on Arrival, Meeting on Departure - CM's Ten Important Discussions in Zurich

Meeting 2 – BKW Energie

In a meeting with executives from BKW Energie, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu elaborated on the state’s performance in enhancing energy efficiency.

BKW Energie evinced interest in working with Andhra Pradesh by offering their technical expertise in power grids. The Chief Minister said that the company could explore a collaboration for AP’s Polavaram project. He said that the state plans to build 960MW hydel project in Polavaram and that he is looking for new hydel power technologies from the BKW group.

The Swiss India Chamber of Commerce (SICC) and Industry which is devoted to growing business between individuals and companies in India and Switzerland is coordinating this initiative.
The Chief Minister mentioned that the state has a lot of potential to grow in the tourism sector for which he asked the SICC to bring tourism projects to the state.

meet1 Meeting on Arrival, Meeting on Departure - CM's Ten Important Discussions in Zurich

Meeting 3 – Gherzi Corporation

The Chief Minister held a meeting with the representatives from Gherzi Corporation who are specialists in blood plasma fractionation which is very important for surgeries and medical aid.
The Chief Minister has asked the group to bring clear proposals to share its technologies for blood plasma fractionation. The company plans to make investments to the tune of Rs.2,000 crore in the State.

meet1-1 Meeting on Arrival, Meeting on Departure - CM's Ten Important Discussions in Zurich

Meeting 4 – Ratakonda Energy Systems

Ratakonda Energy Systems is a clean energy provider in India, and is dedicated to develop clean, renewable energy sources in India and abroad. Mr. Ratakonda Subramanyam who hails from Kadapa has settled in Germany, made a presentation and said that the company plans to set up a 50 MW project in the State. The company has a lot of projects in solar power and IT in Germany.

Meeting 5 – FinTech firm Mobino

Mobino to support AP in digital transactions

Mr. J Groff, CEO of Mobino Switzerland met the Chief Minister and gave a presentation on the banking services that they provide. Mobino is one of the pioneers of FinTech innovation in Switzerland. Mr. J Groff informed the Chief Minister that he wants to work with India, and Andhra Pradesh, in particular to accelerate the digitalisation of money transactions. The Chief Minister asked the secretaries to be in touch with Mr. Groff and get ideas on digitization.

Meeting 6 – LEP Consultants

In a bilateral meeting with Mr. Diego Salmeron, CEO of LEP Consultants, Chief Minister and AP delegates were elaborated on spatial and environmental planning tasks at different levels in an international context by Mr. Salmeron through a presentation. The company provides services and products in the field of urban development and sustainable management of resources to fast growing towns and changing regions.

Meeting 7 – Pyry Group

Later, the Chief Minister met representatives from Poyry Group which is a 120 year old company. The group has huge experience with Energy and Infrastructure projects globally.

Meeting 8 – Joshi Foundation

Joshi keen on supporting skill development in AP
Chief Minister held a bilateral meeting with Joshi Foundation. The founder Dr. Rajendra K. Joshi was born in India and is a doctor in Switzerland. They started the foundation and transformed Switzerland in terms of skill development. The members of the foundation are keen on bringing Swiss practices, knowledge and technology to India.

It may be noted that Joshi Foundation is already working with the Government of Rajasthan on the Bharatiya Skill Development Campus. The Chief Minister said that he looks forward for a possible collaboration with the Joshi Foundation and asked them to either replicate the work done in Rajasthan in the state or develop a new model especially for Andhra Pradesh. He pointed out that the foundation can collaborate with the Andhra Pradesh skill development corporation.

“We are providing internet at a very low cost to all the villages in Andhra Pradesh. We are also connecting all schools through our Fibre grid. You can make use of this facility and take forward the foundation initiatives in Andhra Pradesh also,” said the Chief Minister.

CM invited them to associate with the proposed Energy University that is going to come up in Andhra Pradesh with the help of Government of India.

Meeting 9 – Dure Technologies

Dure evinces interest in wiping out TB from AP through its initiatives

Dure has a portfolio of innovative technology products and solutions in the public health and social development sector. The company provides strategic services to United Nation organizations, national government bodies and related international organizations across several countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.
The group is now engaged in fighting TB. The representative said that 1 in every 4 TB cases in the world is from India.
The group said that they want Andhra Pradesh to be zero Tuberculosis state.
Dure is also into cyber security and regulation. Their group has expertise which is now working with Swiss banks.
Chief Minister mentioned that Cyber security is very important especially in the context of digital economy initiatives post demonetization.

Meeting 10 – Electro Paints SA group

The last meeting was held with Electro Paints SA group. They are using latest technology of painting which is eco friendly and the group wants to expand their operations to Asia and is looking at India for starting their units. The Chief Minister has invited them to make AP their investment destination by setting up their unit.

Later, the Chief Minister and the delegation visited the Stadler factory in Bussnang. From the factory, they will travel to Davos.



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