Meet Mastanamma, 106 Year Old YouTube Star from Andhra!!

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With the internet ruling the roost, the world has become a small place. Celebrities these days are no longer confined to the ones who appear in movies and on television. YouTube has also emerged as a platform to become popular and India has a number of such sensations to its credit. From techies to comedians and cooks, you name them and you can find them. However, the one who takes the cap is the oldest YouTuber hailing from Andhra Pradesh, who at the age of 106 is termed to be a sensational cook.

AP’s Mastanamma with her impeccable cooking skills has become quite a known figure on YouTube. On her channel “Country Foods”, she is seen cooking various kinds of local Andhra cuisine from scratch. The videos for the channel are shot and posted by her grandson. With 248000 subscribers, the channel boasts of a large number of regular viewers that is growing at a steady pace.

The centenarian uses fresh fish and ingredients for her recipes, the most popular being the huge egg dosa. In spite of her age, she is extremely active and prefers to cook herself without any assistance from her son or daughter-in-law. She is a grandmother to all the people in the village and treats everyone with love and care, just like all the grandmothers out there. We are in love with you, Mastanamma!

In this video, Mastanamma recounts her life experiences.



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