We Are a Media Mapped Society, And We are LOVING IT!!

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“Read, but do not dwell too much on the news” my grandfather used to say. This was in the 90’s, when the media business in the country was just about sane. Facts were presented as facts, with justification in the form of data, voice and rational analysis. Still, my grandfather couldn’t come to terms with the ‘down trodden’ print media that was trying to break away from the classic 40’s – exact precise information that was carried down to the end reader without adulteration.

My dear Thatha must be one restless soul in the air, if he is looking down at what’s happening on Air. Fast paced technology, out of the box creativity and improvised presentation on one side, the new media is going ballistic with the information hand off to the nation. Society absorbs an explosion of information. There was a time when people had a grip on real facts. Today, we are under total control of manipulation and hype.

Agree, everything changed ever since media business has become the money business, and the end result boils down to hard commercials. Media, one of the major revenue generators in the country is now calling shots not only with the way people grasp information, but even the way they think!!

The new age media mapping is all about blockbuster TRP’s, sensational Kahaanis and over reacting analysts. From the noisy rooms of TV channel studios to over the top print writing, everybody wants to fine tune and brain wash – some take the sides of political parties and better yet, the leaders control journalists. We need the daily dose of shouting reporters, gory video coverage and battles to blows.

We are officially the society of media mapped mindsets – we now barely have access to the ‘real’ information. Aside the part where we personally admire some of the leaders and accomplishments of the nation, the stories thrown and ground into our subconscious – they are all pre-meditated, pre-planned and agenda backed.

We are the happy victims of intellectual terrorism – we love to echo voices that are not ours. We love the hardcore presentation of exaggerated scripts being prepared somewhere in a dimly lit room with punchy taglines. We are addicted to this poison. We love being the hunted who collectively opine views derived from the malfunctioning system.

There is one flaw in the plan, though. This brainwash is making us become seasoned cribbers. The reason why we don’t progress as a country, is because we have mastered the habit of eternal cribbing. We have a problem with corruption, we have a problem when strategies are implemented to address that. We have a problem with tax rates and inflation, we also whine when the government tries to balance it out among sections and sectors. We love gossip, so we will get glued to explosive TV programs and news, get into the night clothes, declare our great opinions about the ever failing system. “Kuch Nahin Hoga“, we declare, like experienced administrators.

Countries like China and Japan don’t do that. People respect time and their own abilities to accomplish. They work extremely hard, round the clock. Media never gets in their way to perceive what really is and matters. Apne ko toh sab easy chahiye. Let’s complain about the leaders, take sides with the losers and hit the bed one more time. Have to wake up the next day, watch the breakfast news opera and continue the crib, no?



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