Marriage Gone Bad Over Unlimited WiFi – 2 States

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“You will pay your price. Yesaaleyyaku!!”

Endi Dimaag Kharaab Ayyinada?”..

“Yeah right, we’ll see about that”

“Just go to hell, okay. You have crapped around my life enough. Get lost”

“No, you get lost”

“Chi!! Po”

“Cheapo”…And Scene.

Precisely that’s the very tone of the screams being lashed out at each other right now, over unlimited WiFi access, like a marriage gone bad. So much for the liberated lands with strong spirits.

While one wonders what this so called comeuppance is all about, acquired or derived, imposed or manipulated, let us go quickly back in time to take a look at how the marriage was arranged (in heaven, indeed) between two states in 1956. Implorations were made by the great leaders in the form of rhetoric speeches and excruciating fasts, all in the name of one Telugu State – A state called Andhra Pradesh.

The movement that was once started out to separate Telugu speaking districts from that of Northern districts of the then combined and chaotic Madras with no clarity and mixed origins. I don’t have an iPhone or a mocking Siri at my disposal, but my poor Android showed me the historic relevance citing old Andhra to be made of two major regions – Seema and Kosta.

A grand wedlock was arranged and commenced on 1st of November in 1956, says wiki. An admissibly productive liaison between Telangana and United Andhra Pradesh. A marriage that was as poetic and sacrosanct as one usually goes by books – stick around together and ride the boat till the end of both your times. It’s so much like what folks usually show in movies, propagating how an ideal wedding is all about two families and not two individuals.

And now, after all that monumental and landmark struggle of great leaders fighting and dying for the sake of getting the state married and calling for the unison of Telugu people, we are back to square one, on the crossroads of development. Perhaps this was a real marriage. Stuff that usually happens after living together through times of turbulence and joy and that final exhaustion creeps in, where two people sit in the same living room and work out of their laptops and chat away ruthlessly on their whatsapps with the vested interests outside the wall.

A great deal of efforts were indeed made, to make this wedding work. After massive battle with the Madras State Government to first form the united Andhra, Telangana was merged to form the United Telugu Speaking State of Andhra Pradesh. And this is not even a marriage of cross cultures. The union was a cause to bring two similar souls together in harmony.

Ship that set sail for over many generations of children, grandchildren, great grand children and ahead, is now on a rocky cruise. The destiny tied by those elders has now been broken, to seek out individual perspectives. That’s either side’s sorry tale of being left out. Like an ideal marriage that suddenly turns the course thanks to changing prerogatives and mind sets, the marriage has gone bad, only to attain a better good of two lands that have embarked with a quest to seek their own identity.

Marital discords discussed randomly over unlimited WiFi access and social media frenzy are bound to take the essence to unforeseen tangents. But what remains will remain – this wedlock was a sacred milestone in the history of Andhra Pradesh, then and now. And like children of two divorced souls, let us respect and accept the decision to turn things to a progressive tide and not a tsunami of resentment.

Let us pass on a more meaningful example to the younger ones ahead of us, as that was what was set by the ones behind us. Use your Wi-fi freely. Just don’t adulterate the spirit 🙂




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