Mangalagiri – From The Saree Hub to The Most Preferred Residential Zone

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The face of Amaravati is changing. While on one hand as the roads are taking shape in a steady manner, the quiet town is interestingly metamorphosing into something bigger. What was widely known as the destination for world famous sarees, Mangalagiri is now the most preferred zone for the residential real estate.

Many properties are slowly planting themselves across the town, as promising gated communities. One can clearly see these ventures making a formation, attracting and inviting the onlookers to ‘come, settle in Amaravati”.

Noted builders like Ramakrishna are coming with up state of the art ‘Techno Towerz” for business, with starting prices as low as Rs 25 Lakh. Other players like Manjeera and Sree Mahitha Projects are also joining the competition, ensuring upscale lifestyle and metro level living in the residential category.

techno-towerz Mangalagiri - From The Saree Hub to The Most Preferred Residential Zone

The most enticing part about opting for Mangalagiri as the residential choice is the scenic surrounding. Flaunted by beautiful mountains and lush green fields that have not been touched by the government under land pooling, the shy town of Mangalagiri is evolving into a brave new world of urban civilization and dwelling.

While some of the key government establishments are also in the town, Mangalagiri becomes a favorite option for both the locals and the non locals to move in. More stylish villas and gated societies are also on their way to change the face of the capital city. While Velagapudi is a hub of activity with the AP Secretariat making a base for itself, Mangalagiri has now become home for many bureaucrats. Properties like Rain Tree Park Dwaraka Krishna boast of feasible amenities and comfortable living.

rtp2 Mangalagiri - From The Saree Hub to The Most Preferred Residential Zone

Amaravati, the people’s capital and the blue green city has been planned in a futuristic manner. Magnificent layout, convenient methods to commute and exciting water transport form some of the catchy aspects of the youngest new capital of the country.



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