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There was a time, when the village of Madhapur was nothing but a tiny hamlet of boulders and trees. The evolution that happened to the place in the late 90’s is well known to the entire world. Hyderabad emerged from an old city to hi tech version under the rule of CM N Chandrababu Naidu. Now, Mr Naidu, who is the current Chief Minister of bifurcated state has a his mission loud and clear – to replicate the success story of Hyderabad in AP.

The CM wants to make Andhra Pradesh the next technology hub, putting it on the map of leading hubs of all global IT services in the world.

After bifurcation, losing Hyderabad has directly impacted the business dynamics of Andhra region, which should have ideally had its share while the state was united.

Hyderabad has churned out Rs 75,000 crore worth software exports in the financial year of 2016 and currently employs over 4 lakh people, standing out to be one of the key engines of job creation.

The CM does not want to waste time any further and has set sails on his target 2020, by which time the state of Andhra will have created 5 lakh jobs.

The CM is closely working with the bureaucrats and consultants tied up with the state government in order to make this happen.

“The IT industry will not grow the same way as it grew in the past decade. We need to focus on the new sectors and encourage them. We have to focus on the futuristic technologies. This is the vision of the chief minister,” said PS Pradyumna, IT secretary, Andhra Pradesh, while speaking to a leading newspaper daily.

Andhra itself has nurtured certain IT skill sets that set the tone for future tech – cyber security, internet of things (IoT), financial tools and block chain technology.The state government now intends to create tech labs and courses in universities to boost these skills.

The state has also roped in Tirumalarao Chamalla, former head of IT firm Happiest Minds’ banking unit, who will act as the president of state’s IT and Electronics Society. The plan of this society will be to attract technology companies towards the state. The society itself has Rs 200 crore in funding and a mandate to create technology jobs not just in capital city Amaravati and other prime zones like Hindupur and Vizag.

It has to be remembered that this project to recreate Hyderabad’s success in Andhra Pradesh is a personal mission for Chandrababu Naidu.

The CM conducts weekly meetings with the IT secretary, consultants and other government officials to keep track. He personally keeps track of the progress on a monthly basis, going by the sources.



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