Looks Like Team Nara Lokesh is All About Real Time Governance!!

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We are not talking about one off cases anymore. Lokesh and his team have been constantly on the real time mode, addressing grievances over Twitter and the like, fetching help to the ground level citizens. What was ongoing as a constant practice has now picked some amazing momentum. Nothing petty about that.

Lokesh may have sworn in as IT Minister too, but his agenda is never about just tech related stuff. This has been evidenced recently when a villager named Ramana of Patapadu village of Kanigiri mandal in Prakasam district experienced a major drinking water crisis solved in his village. All he had to do was inform about the issue to Minister for Panchayat Raj Nara Lokesh through twitter.

Lokesh’s strategy to apply technology for the benefit of the common man is proving to be of a major benefit. Even though such an approach could have been adopted earlier by the ministers, it is Lokesh who is actually making full utilization of IT to reach closer to the masses and understand their daily ordeals. Twitter connect is definitely an amazing idea, even for the public these days. Right from PM Modi to local MLAs, everyone is tapping the benefit of Twitter to stay close to the masses. Only, Lokesh is making a more aggressive use of the podium to address important real life issues.

Currently, Lokesh and his team use social networks and SMS alert systems to solve the civil challenges real time.
It is said that Lokesh has received one thousand complaints so far on drinking water problem in villages through twitter and face book. Out of these, 300 complaints were solved, 400 complaints settlement in progress and for 300 complaints necessary approvals should be received from other departments.

That’s not it. When not interacting with investors of global scale, Lokesh is busy launching programs to solve drinking water problem in rural areas by collecting day to day information .

He has set up a system using technology, GPS and SMS alert system and call centre to scrutinize and solve drinking water problems in rural areas.

Looks like Team Lokesh Nara means complete citizen business and nothing else.



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