Land Grabbers Beware!! Here Comes the Land Survey Drive

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AP is surely seeing one of the biggest land scams ever what with the land grabbers tampering with the land records in the city of Vishakhapatnam and the other areas within the district. Appalled by these miscreants, the district administration has set a deadline of six months to get all the records into order and has thus, launched a land survey drive. According to Pravin Kumar, the District Collector of Vizag and G Srijana, the joint Collector it is true that some of the land records of Kommadi and Madhurawada region have been tampered with while a few of these are missing.

The Joint Collector said that six teams have been created to conduct land survey across the city of Vizag. He added that by next week the survey of Kommadi will be completed and Madhurawada will be surveyed in the next phase. While elaborating on the survey methodology he said that the teams are collecting the data and then cross checking these with the records at the tahsildar and collector offices.

One of the greatest challenges that is being faced by the revenue teams is to clarify the details of the land from Settlement Fair Adangal (SFA) of 1956 and Resurvey Settlement Register (RSR) of 1920. The Joint Collector said that if the officials were able to place these details, it would become quite easier for them ascertain the extent of land that belongs to the government, the land that was allotted to different departments and the extent of land that was grabbed by others.

According to the Joint Collector, geo-fencing will be used for all the government lands once all the records were obtained and clarified. Geo-coordinates of the land will be acquired for the purpose. Plans are also on to use drones for surveying the lands and comparing them with the Google images of the actual land to analyze the changes.



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