Krishnapatnam Port – 6 Amazing Facts About The World Class Marine Hub

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India’s largest port on the horizon, Krishnapatnam Port (KPCL) is now on the prime RADAR of the developed civilization all over the world. Located in the Krishnapatnam town in the Muthukur Village of Nellore district, KPCL is now one of the biggest ports of India, attracting the world market towards country’s maritime trade and growing avenues.

With state of the art cargo handling facilities, marine infrastructure, storage facilities and trade and transport terminal, Krishnapatnam Port becomes a promising choice as the country’s largest automated port for exports and imports in South Asia. All this was not a work done in a day’s time. The success story of KPCL is all about sheer gravity of fruitful strategies put in place by its efficient management.

KP1 Krishnapatnam Port - 6 Amazing Facts About The World Class Marine Hub

KPCL Team – Always in Action

Pioneered by Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd, Krishnapatnam Port is run by exceptional management with Mr C Visweswara Rao, an enterprising honcho in the lead as its Chairman.

Here are Six Reasons Why The Entire World Now Looks At Krishnapatnam Port

  1. World Class Infrastructure

KPCL boasts of all the modern amenities and the up to date facilities required to carry on a full-fledged marine operations. The port’s unique cargo handling facilities with dedicated port owned cargo handling equipment like loaders, tippers, dozers and excavators makes it self-sustaining and fully functional for world class maritime trade kick offs without much effort. This apart, the audacious marine infrastructure in place, with 10 operational berths, a dedicated berth ready with exceptional load bearing capacity, streamlines water navigation channels for smooth proceedings make the port a great option with breath-taking modern infrastructure.

KP5 Krishnapatnam Port - 6 Amazing Facts About The World Class Marine Hub

Krishnapatnam Port has a deep historic connect with the famous Vijayanagara Empire back in time. It is said that the mighty ruler Sri Krishnadevaraya operated this port, and hence the name was christened as Krishnapatnam. The port used to operate in small boats through the Buckingham Canal, that runs behind the port and was once used as a prime waterway transportation between Chennai and Krishna River delta. Iron Ore was exported on the wooden boats via the port in 1960s and was declared as the minor port by the Government of India in 1980s. KPCL was dedicated to the nation in the month of July, 2008.

  1. Fully Loaded Container and Vessel Facilities

Krishnapatnam Port’s container terminal is one of a kind. A 24/7 operational terminal with zero tidal restrictions, equipped with all the required terminal facilities like berths, cranes, container handlers, ground slots, reefer plugs and inland container depots makes it a port with world class terminal container. The vast terminal area of 36 hectares is built in two phases; with the third phase beginning shortly.

vessel Krishnapatnam Port - 6 Amazing Facts About The World Class Marine Hub

Record discharge of 559 MT/HR of crude sun flower oil from MT. ADFINES SUN on February 24, 2012. Total quantity discharged from the vessel was 6,983.069 MT (including tanks squeezing) in just 12 hrs 30 mins

  1. Promising Power Plant Projects Around The Port – Wider Business and Trade Opportunities

Upcoming power projects in the near vicinity of the port showcase great international trade prospects. These projects will also require high amounts of coal, thereby welcoming coal importers into the regional market. Other potential scope lies in sugar refineries, cement and steel plants that are to come up around the port area. Besides, brands like IFFCO and Kisan SEZ are soon to establish around the Krishnapatnam port area.

KP6 Krishnapatnam Port - 6 Amazing Facts About The World Class Marine Hub

  1. Productive Future Forward At KPCL

The major plans ahead with the port development include features such as 42 more berths with 200 MTPA capacity, another dedicated container terminal in 600 acres, dedicated liquid bulk terminal, exclusive hub port for coal, agri and fertilizer commodities, bunkering facility and special offshore base set up.

  1. KPCL’s Exclusive Social Activities

The port is not all about trade and popularity. KPCL also takes an active part in various CSR initiatives that mainly benefit the locals. So far, 500 houses were built by Krishnapatnam Port as part of implementing various rehabilitation programs. KPCL initiated and set up 41 schools in 31 villages across 4 mandals in the area. The port continues to provide special hostel facilities for college students at Nellore. Weekly medical eye camps and special camps every fortnight continue to be a part of Port’s contribution to the society.

KP4 Krishnapatnam Port - 6 Amazing Facts About The World Class Marine Hub

KPCL – EHS division has started a mangrove nursery to meet the requirements of saplings for mangrove development in the port area

  1. Proven Success Milestones

Krishnapatnam Port’s successful proceedings with maritime trade have been strongly proven in the past and continue to excel every passing day.

Below are some key milestones achieved by the port in the recent past:

Fastest rake loading time – 30 mins – loaded 3,960.38 MTs of steam coal in 59 wagons on 9th January 2012

Highest discharge (Crude Sunflower Seed Oil) – MT. ADFINES SUN – 559 MT/hr for a total of 6,983.069 MT in just 12 hrs 30 mins on 24th February 2012

Highest loading (Granite) – MV. Trade Star – 8,518.19 MT in 24 hrs on
25th April 2012

Highest discharge (Coal) – MV. Cohiba – 122,247 MT in 24 hrs on 7th August 2012

Fastest Fertilizer rake loading time – 2 hrs 5 mins – loaded 2,566 MTs of MAP in 42 wagons on 9th August 2012

Port Railway record for handling 323 total no. of rakes in August 2012. Total coal rakes handled in August 2012 was 248 (Highest) and total cargo handled was 1.12 million tons (Highest) in a month

10,000 rakes in 1,751 days (from 27th April 2008 to 20th January 2013)

Official inauguration of Krishnapatnam Port Container Terminal –
2nd April 2013

Highest loading (Wheat) – MV. Iron Vassilis – 22,076 MT in 24 hrs on
27th April 2013



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