Kosta Life – Celebrating One Year of Spirit of Andhra Pradesh

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KostaLife completes one year today. The feeling is surreal, overwhelming and empowering. We have treaded the tough path, hand in hand with the emotions of the new state of Andhra Pradesh. Our E Magazine has reflected and captured the tides and phases that were filled with upswings and setbacks. For over a year, AP has seen itself in the path of struggle, rebuild, resilience and grit. KostaLife was founded to lend a hand to grasp the same emotion, in a right way.

The motto of the magazine is simple – we want to showcase the best of Andhra Pradesh in its full glory. The state that has tolerated many losses in the recent times continues to grow stronger and mightier, against all odds. We have never taken sides, have put things in the right perspective that goes with the tone and mind-set of a common man. Our team of analysts and writers have strived to work towards neutral and straight cut analysis, offering rewarding content across all sections. We have and will continue to voice in unison towards the development and progress of Andhra Pradesh.

The lifestyle and heritage of AP will continued to be captured in all its warmth and sweetness. We have done our best to put forth some of the timeless and glorious traditions. We have and will continue to talk about the ever effervescent diverse culture within the state, bringing in the flavours of food, lifestyle, history and architecture. We want to do our bit to become one of the many pillars of Amaravati. The journey is not going to be easy, but we have gone all in and embarked on the same.

One year old and now, KostaLife continues to maintain the DNA of progress. We have determined to talk the tone that assimilates and conveys fruitful developments. Our state is worthy of all the tides that point to growth and expansion. We have and will do our little bit in the matter, bridging and expressing loud spirits. We are a bunch of progressive thinkers, trying to give out the brightest footing that reflects directly on the people of the region. We do not need cynics at the moment, who we need are the doers and the achievers.

Andhra is a land of prosperity, greenery, abundance and pride. We have always been the section that is referred to as the ‘givers’ and not the ‘takers’. What we do always benefits those around us. No matter how many atrocities and roadblocks, the intent is clear – we, the people of AP will not back down, will keep fighting for the state’s buildout and join hands with those who think in the same lines.

Thank you for having embraced us so fondly this far. We will definitely try and upkeep the tone and energy, bringing you the best of what Andhra really is.

Jai Andhra Pradesh.

Happy First Anniversary, team KostaLife.




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