Khans Who Have Become ‘Intolerant’ With This Country

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The word ‘intolerance’ is slowly engulfing the nation. The recent ISIS activity, claiming many lives only fuelled up this feeling further. Celebrities for one, have actively taken to tweeting their voice on the matter. Let us be precise – the stars who are born and raised Muslims. Shah Rukh Khan began by sharing his views on how India has been an intolerant country. Many expressed their shock over the actor’s statement. Let us just forget the fact that this is the very land where millions worship and imitate SRK, sans their background or race. A great Indian stagecraft of ‘returning the awards’ followed, with several writers and celebrities expressing protest against intolerance.

Lately, perfectionist Aamir Khan joined the wagon, speaking at a forum no less than the prestigious Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards that was held yesterday. The star expressed that there is a sense of growing ‘disquiet’ and despondency apart from alarm. He also added that his wife Kiran Rao, a ‘non-Muslim’ (sounding pragmatic), has expressed that they should ‘leave’ the country.

These are celebrities that we are talking about. Social and public personalities who stand as a moral high ground of values, examples and principles. What their personal life entails, nobody cares. But what they speak and convey outside greatly affects the film and cricket crazy nation like India. In fact, most Khan’ fans would come from Hinduism and other religions. Even a man with no religion looks up to these Khans for respite as well as motivation.

Some of these fans that the great Khans have, would have dumped the other stars of ‘Hindu’ origin to showcase loyalty in every way. India is the only country where one will hear phrases like “SRK is a loyal man to his wife, I want to be like him” and “Sallu Bhai is an amazing personality. I will love him no matter how the whole world sees him”

Intolerance is there everywhere in the world. But there is tolerance too. To endure, fight and pray for a better tomorrow. Millions of people have prayed for the innocent souls who perished in Paris, Lebanon, Syria and the rest. Most of the people who condemned these attacks were Muslims. They said that a person who terrorises and kills cannot and does not know Islam. They have actively taken to social media, protesting against the criminal minds behind ISIS. Now, they never sat at home and muttered ‘India and the world as such is intolerant to me. I have no place to go’.

Over years, Hindus and Muslims fought together to attain freedom from a 200 year old rule of the British. They walked hand in hand, worked in politics, administration, expressed nationalistic thoughts as writers, poets, actors and the like. When we could walk this far and still be tolerant, the way ahead would be equally bearable as well.

To all the SRK’s, AK’s and the rest of the K’s, it is the people of India who made you all ‘The Khans’. Stop ranting that your name is Khan and move on. You are required on your home ground in these testing times.




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