KCR’s Effort to Stand By CBN – A Refreshing Hope

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While most eyes were on Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, some simply could not escape another pleasant visual that had transpired throughout the ceremony. The Chief Minister of Telangana, Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao not only had presided the event in full, but also stood by the side of Mr Naidu during the occasion.

There were a plethora of doubts being expressed at the possibility of KCR making it to the Amaravati Foundation Ceremony. Some said that he would rather not get there, and should¬†contemplate sending his son KTR instead. The folklore spread their usual gossip and rumor about what a gamut of sensationalism this would be, if at all KCR shows up at Andhra’s biggest event in the history.

KCR had showed up, indeed. Taking a chopper and flying directly from Suryapet after addressing another gathering there, the CM made it a point to arrive on the spot like a man of discipline. After he made it till Amaravati, most seated at the venue and in front of the TV sets started speculating once again about his duration of stay. Some said that he will leave immediately after the ceremony is done and the foundation has been laid. Others opined that KCR will stay back for a considerable amount of time but will maintain the required decorum and convenient distance.

However, the camaraderie that was felt between KCR and Nara Chandrababu Naidu was an inevitable pleasant wonder. As Mr Naidu walked the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi through the Amaravati gallery, KCR was seen standing right next to him throughout. Later, when the Puja for the foundation had commenced, the Telangana CM made sure to be present in the close vicinity. KCR was also seen standing right next to Mr Naidu when the foundation stone was unveiled. Finally, KCR spoke at the forum, making a stirring commitment that Telangana will stand by Andhra Pradesh in every step of its progress and assist as much towards its development.

Despite the waging cold war between the two states and the governments alike, KCR’s efforts yesterday evoked a positive hope among the people of both worlds. There is a space for brotherhood here, against all odds. At the end of the day, these are two Telugu speaking states of the once united Andhra. KCR’s willingness to stand by Naidu at the right time made optimism prevail among the onlookers. Mr Naidu had made it a point to capitalize on the moment like a true leader and reiterated that the two states and the governments should work collectively towards progress and solve any undermining issues among themselves.

Overall, KCR taking a stand with his presence at the Amaravati Foundation ceremony was a refreshing episode.



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