Is The Center Trying To Throw A ‘Bisket’ At Us?

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And so we all waited with bated breath. In front of Facebook, tea stalls, homes, offices, everywhere. When our Chief Minister Mr N Chandrababu Naidu went to same old ‘New’ Delhi, finally, to ask the million dollar question. Granting of the special status to our new state.

First, he was asked to wait for the meeting. Then, he was asked to wait outside the PM’s office. Some so called ‘Old comrades’ came by, made some press statements and continued making profound statements on the so called ‘maximum attention’ being given to the issue and working towards a solution.

CBN goes in, and finally throws the question at our Prime Minister. “Where is our special status”, he asks, with a resilient smile. Modiji welcomes him with open hands, boyish grin and begins the talks. Please, most of us have voted for you with our index fingers.

Reporters and journalists wait outside to get the first fresh notes. People hailing from Andhra keep refreshing their social media pages to see the updates. Mr Naidu, in the meantime, gets played at. One more time. The final decision is left in the hands of Niti Aayog, as if the entity belongs to some Gotham city and nobody is really accounted for except its Vice Chairman.

No Special Package. Only Bisket. Everything else is discussed, except the granting of the special status. Eye wash is pursued, with other trivial matters being spoken about, except the main part. The whole charade goes on one more time, just like in a typical Telugu movie where hero is cornered by all the vicious villains not wanting to give away his kidnapped family. The goons ask the hero to perform some drama. And so he will have too. Again and again.

Dear Center, please don’t talk honey dipped words about the so called injustice being done to Andhra. Please do not compare our state to other states vying for a special status here. Please don’t think we are living on top of a flourishing billion dollar land. Our hands are barren as of now.

Finally, please stop throwing ‘Bisket’ at us and confirm the workable plan of action, once and for all.

Else, Chaala…Baagodhu..




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