Is TDP Going National?

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Telugu Desam Party has been on an upswing for quite sometime, both in terms of reach and internal activities. The last week saw the party win two seats at a local body elections in Port Blair. The buzz word now is that CM Chandrababu Naidu’s party members are propelling Mr Naidu to contemplate entering Odisha.

Odisha came as a viable choice, as more than 30 lakh Telugu speaking people have been vastly spread out as a community in the areas like Sambalpur, Chatrapur, Berhampur and Rayagada. It is said that Senior TDP leader G Haribabu Naidu had brought up the topic of party expansion in Odisha with Mr Naidu on Friday.

Haribabu highlighted the scope and bandwidth the party has by reaching out beyond.

“There are ample opportunities for the TDP to win seats in Odisha too if the party contests the next election in the neighbouring State,” he said.

It has been said that AP state committee president, Kala Venkata Rao, has several contacts with public representatives in Odisha.

“TDP will have a national outlook if it has presence in Odisha, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar,” the party members said. They added that full representation will be given to Mr. Naidu in order pursue the possibility.

The party leaders said influential parties in Odisha may join hands with the TDP to win the support of Telugu people in several constituencies.

With so many plans on the table sprucing up, looks like Telugu Desam is now ready to spread out its wings and conquer.



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