Intelligent Speech of MP Jayadev Galla on Intolerance – A Must Watch

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On one hand, we have the entire country fighting with words over intolerance. While majority of the celebrities are busy piggy backing on the issue to gain their share of limelight, few responsible politicians are taking onus to address the topic carefully. TDP MP Jayadev Galla is  one of them.

This recent address by the MP at the parliament on intolerance throws real light on what India as a country is. He states that India was a mixed race from the beginning, centuries have gone by with rich congregation of cultures and religions on this soil. Mr Galla also takes a pragmatic route while talking about the concept called Indian refugees. The MP expresses his stand, confirming with historic proof that India has always been a tolerant nation from the time immemorial.

A must watch video for all Indians.



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