Intellectual Terrorism – The New ‘Plague’ in India

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India is now a diversity in unity, thanks to the ongoing ‘Intolerance’ movement. Adding to that is a great responsive Hindu Rashtravaad, which should have been ideally applied at some other timing. With great Indian born personalities expressing their concern about the growing insecurities within the nation, the entire population reacted, giving a strong reply that this region is more tolerant than any other demographic in the world. An optimistic and pragmatic way of looking at things, especially after the kind of tide India has sailed through in the last two decades.

The great Indian NRI saga came by later, to contribute their bit. This went viral on the social media, when our mighty Indian born confused Videshis expressed a firm stand to actor Aamir Khan’s comments. This coming from the most intolerant groups who have already left the soil. While it is alright to express freedom of speech in these matters, prevailing circumstances do not seem to take much comfort with what is presently haranguing, like a deadly plague.

We have a new rage that is going on. A hot wave of intellectual terrorism that has begun with the celebrities who have revealed their innermost fears. The rest of the pack have willingly picked up on the subject, offering an agile counter strike on what has to be the next move or what this all means in totality. This group of intellectual terrorists hail from the classic quarters of thinkers, writers, performers and the ever failing Indian media. Politicians are also slowly picking the pace, doing a ‘chop chop’ in their parliamentary sessions, and attacking the sensitive issue in hundred different angles.

Interestingly, the ruling party is also showcasing its fair share, with wrong timing on the age old ‘Ram Mandir’ discussions suddenly taking place without prior signals. All this and more, coupled with enraging comments on the ruling governance, Twitter posts with mixed messages and the like.

Intellectual terrorism has always proven to be more expensive on the human race as compared to the crude and stupid religious nutjobs who spread the fire from the main source, like little dragons. These intellectual terrorists are like mind players. They enter into people’s minds, raise striking questions, and instigate fictitious mass murders and communal riots that eventually turn into a hard reality. Mind is the more dangerous avenue to enter into, and seemingly so, the sharp views and opinions shared by the so called great personalities is making a negative impact on the nation already. Very few important people raised their angst against this, stating how disruptive such thoughts can get in the later stages.

There is a sea difference between exercising intellectual thoughts towards mass destruction and morality. Our larger than life celebrities have unfortunately entered the wrong quarters, going steady with plausible views on what has to happen with the Indian born Muslim brethren and the so called ‘Brahmanism’ practiced in the name of Rashtravaad. There is no Brahmanism or Rashtravaad here. But these personalities have catalysed an idea to possibly start building one, with their roaring rhetoric.

The current euphoria of intellectual ideologies continues on the social media and the press, with more and more people reacting to the thought process and thinking in those lines. There is no better impact that is made than with ideas showcased by the great people of India. Perhaps they should try and tread a better path, contributing towards peace and not chaos. A subtle reminder, we are already on a war footing with so many issues. Just uncomplicated this, please.



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