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He made it a point to make a podium for the state, while at Davos. CM of Andhra Pradesh works more like a CEO of a company than a typical Indian politician. Most of us have accepted the fact, some are still coming terms with it, and the rest of the world saw it happening at Davos yesterday.

N Chandrababu Naidu simply cannot shake off his old, inherent habits. The CM made full use of his presence at Davos, going LIVE on Facebook while talking about ‘Technologies for Tomorrow’ from of the corner that was specifically designated to the Sunrise State. The session at World Economic Forum made the world see that AP is technologically equipped, as in fully loaded.

Audience went on to hear as the CM demonstrated his CORE Dashboard, cited an example of how he usually monitors the ongoing Polavaram project live, and practices real time governance. He spoke about his government’s e files, e cabinet, and everything cloud. He went on to talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), something rarely heard from a routine politician who would usually ‘outsource’ such high end stuff to his delegates and subordinates. He shared his plans with the Dashboard, how he wants to implement the best technology there is even for the development of agriculture in the state. The CM shared a random example in the form of soil testing, how an idea can be put on a ‘cloud’ and then be accessed by the teams across.

The CM shared his ‘real time’ and ‘hands on’ knowledge, while still seeking more ideas from some of the best tech CEOs and entrepreneurs that were present.

The session went from engaging to enlightening later on, when the CM invited some of the best to come forth and share ideas. Best practices came up one after the other, in the areas of energy and the like, where technology is now being used to its fullest potential.

Technology for tomorrow, with the CM of futuristic mindset.

CM’s Technology for Tomorrow Session at Davos



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