Indian Media Will Never Be The Same Again

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“Love him, hate him, you just cant ignore him”

The one phrase that will commonly apply to two of the most distinguished personalities of India – Shah Rukh Khan and Arnab Goswami. While the former rules Bollywood, the latter shook the media like no other. Arnab brought in fresh tidings to the way Indian news channels functioned and opined. His voice suddenly echoed throughout the country, from nowhere. His questions triggered tremors inside the strongest and the famous.

kejru Indian Media Will Never Be The Same Again

Arnab Goswami literally gave something new to the masses – a loud voice that is both nauseating and captivating. People at large have travelled the journey with him, sometimes admiring his guts and sometimes detesting his overpowering mannerisms. Goswami didnt care- it seemed as if he had arrived on the scene to do something beyond reading news to the country. He came to resonate few ugly truths, dig out dirt from under few carpets and provoke the politicians and men of money to actually start talking – whether they liked it or not.

arnab-modi-compressed Indian Media Will Never Be The Same Again

The Times Now Newshour at Prime Time had become the toast of the nation. People would wait on, to see which bomb shell will be dropped next and on whom. Arnab transcended judgments and comments, and did his job with full integrity and passion. He did not care to take sides. As a true journalist, he wanted some real answers – he asked questions that some of the other news channels would think twice before asking.

07-18-09-01 Indian Media Will Never Be The Same Again

His decade long journey as the most coveted editor in chief and news anchor for Times Now sent shock waves. People heard while other people spoke, and most times the repartee was tad unpleasant. The main mission was accomplished – the story of one loud journo asking sensitive questions in the most insensitive manner fulfilled the real essence of the existence of media – bring the truth out.

This decade long noise will soon end. Arnab has quit, and India still wants to know why. The NewsHour will never be the same again. Whether or not his loud voice will be easily replaced or he will come back with something new, Indian media will never be the same again.



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