“India Will Now Move From Shadow to Transparent Economy” – Bill Gates

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The world at large has an opinion to share about India’s ongoing demonetization drive. There are critics as well as supporters who appreciate the move. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft spoke at length about Prime Minister’s strategy against black money and corruption. Gates has highly praised the move, saying that India will now move from the shadows to a more transparent economy due to demonetization.

Gates spoke at the second lecture series of Niti Aayog on transforming India, and shared his viewpoints on how demonetization will affect India in a positive manner. He made a direct correlation with digitization, and that demonetization will enhance digital transactions in the future. India will become a digitized economy in exponential terms, he said. Streamlined approach with money transactions will ensure transparency, reduce leakage and make India a stronger economy.

Bill Gates opined that what India is now trying to do is something no other country has done before. He said that this strategy is a pivotal moment in India’s history that will change things radically, improving human conditions.



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