India to Follow AP’s Child Tagging Practice

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The best practice that was set by Andhra Pradesh will now be followed by entire country. Inspired by the recent innovative idea that was implemented at the Krishna Pushkarams, India will now follow the same system all across. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) will replicate AP government’s latest child tagging system in all the festivals and Melas across the nation.

What was tried out on a trial run basis at Krishna Pushkarams fetched immediate applause, especially from parents. Child tagging in crowded festivals and Utsavs is a ground breaking idea that minimizes the chances of children getting lost down to zero.

NCPCR will now implement the child tagging after submitting a detailed report to the Center, highly recommending the system.

Stuti Kacker, Chairperson of NCPCR has greatly praised AP government for bringing such a practice into action. She spoke to a leading newspaper daily and said that she compliments the officials who introduced child tagging system during Krishna Pushkarams held recently.

During the Pushkarams, children between ages 3 and 12 were bio tagged with all their details. Vital information pertaining to their names, parents, addresses and phone numbers were tagged, and the same was well documented to address any sort of emergency. The child tagging was later picked up by TTD officials during the recent annual Brahmotsavams and was seamlessly implemented.

Over nine lakh children were tagged this way, and the outcome was a huge success. Jharkhand government has also inquired about AP’s child tagging practice recently and has carried forth the same during the Durga Puja time.



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