India Loves Your Soch, But Change the Approach

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Lance Naik Hanumanthappa did not go down without a fight. The 39 year old soldier battled for five days under the ice in the gruelling colds of Siachen, after an avalanche hit the Indian Army post. India salutes this great personality who showcased to the world grit and sense of duty.

Rajesh Pillai, a 41 year old promising Malayalam film maker had left the world after making new age outstanding films. The young generation is at the loss for words. Firstly, deep respects to you, sir. How many brave warriors fight on and leave the world right after successfully releasing their film?

We need more young soldiers, politicians and film makers like the above. India is indeed tired of senior citizens leading the scenarios everywhere. Even the corporates. The new ad commercial of HP precisely exemplifies that. “I like your Soch, but follow my approach” the tagline screams at the prevailing bureaucracy and the senile heads who simply don’t want to retire.

Come politics, and we are still looking for suitable adjectives to describe the situation. Young warriors who were in the system for a long time have the opportunity to throw a chance to steer the nation only once they cross 50’s. Our Prime Minister is one fine example. There are young ‘dafts’ too, who don’t know where Steve Jobs worked. But that’s fine. Let us understand why the exceptional candidates simply don’t want to get a ticket and contest. Why the highly educated youngsters head straight to the Silicon Valleys to make their lives. The answer is obvious. They have more than 80 percent chance to become the next Nadella outside the country. For inside, there is a long line of corruption everywhere. Why take the chance?

We young guns like Sri Srinivasan steering the judicial front line in the United States as the ultimate choice, but we can’t speak about even a single young kid in India who can even deign to dream of such a possibility in the rooms of Parliament.

The ironical circumstances continue to prevail ever since. Even though we can be a little delighted over the new start up revolution that is going on in the field of business, the main segments of the country’s development remain stagnant with conservative old minds. The minds that do not want to think beyond for the betterment of the motherland and settle for being called the old Government Babus who deal under the table. The shabby walls of these Shakhas will continue to roar the old world charm of bribery, malpractices and underdevelopment, unless someone ‘chooses’ to set things right, sitting on the higher pedestal.

Till such time, we will have our Lok Sattas and Jana Senas functioning tirelessly. It is a matter of pride to see so many young minds willing to join the party offices, with an open mind to consider this option as a ‘freelance’ gig to be on a safe side. A weekend job, perhaps to try and make an effort.  Whether or not the oldies recognize the upcoming potential waiting to be heard, development is a matter of sheer conjecture.

Yes, we are waiting to send most of the old farts home. We don’t say it out loud often, but we do.



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