Idli, The Amazing Cultural Connect

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Idli, The Amazing Connect Between Telugu and Tamil

Some of us never knew World Idli Day actually existed. So when the time had come to shower all the due laurels and glory about the universally acclaimed healthy breakfast, it’s better to not waste a moment. For those of us raised in a mixed environment of Telugu and Tamil, Idli is an important emotion. It’s not just food, but a singular entity that bridges cultures together.

In fact, Idli brings some of the remotest civilizations together. Some refer Idli to have originated from Europe and few others state that it’s actual origin remains unknown. Whatever it’s history, Idli has and continues to establish an important tradition in South India – relishing a healthy breakfast together as a family.

Regardless of how busy the rest of the day looks like, folks will definitely bond over a plate of Idli Sambar. This is true of both mom’s kitchen and road side Tiffin centre. Some of the greatest cross cultural romantic stories would have begun after a North Indian boy offered Idli to a South Indian girl. Films, fellas!

So now those are very few examples. We are very sure that there are more amazing instances when Idli would have healed hearts, filled stomachs and strengthened bonding. Let us take a moment and celebrate the presence of Idli in our lives.



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