Hyderabad Born Confused Andhraites – 5 Classy Traits

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These guys are awesome in their own way. Kids born in Hyderabad with roots originating from Andhra enjoy the best of both worlds. However, the confusion exists to a monumental extent while trying to establish their true identity. While some of these guys are ultra swanky and love to use the Hyderabadi style swear words, the others are more intellectual kind, playing it under but outdoing the rest.

“Apan Hyderabadi Hai” they would say, as though they are the third world New Yorkers. The roots of Andhra still end up getting the best of them, especially in some real time situations. The ‘Chicha‘ suddenly becomes ‘Bradharuu‘.

So, here are five important traits of Hyderabad Born Confused Andhraites (HBCAs). They have their own swag.

1. “Our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers Were Somewhere From Andhra”

That persistent mix up while establishing the ancestral identity. HBCA’s have a constant struggle trying to find out the exact location from where their great grandfathers hailed from. The best way to go for is to round up the nearest location. Kakinada, did you say? And mom comes in and corrects immediately “Not Kakinada, Razole”. Well, somewhere there near the river Godavari, Right?

If you are a HBCA with roots from places like Tuni, Vizianagaram and Annavaram, good luck understanding the prominence. For there is every possibility that you would have goofed this acid test many times. Marking the nearest territory and calling Tuni as part of Vizag – these kinds of things are completely unpardonable.

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2. East Godavari and West Godavari – God Help Me!!

This is the best of them all. The Hyderabad Born Confused Andhraites have absolutely no clue about East and West Godavari, unless they are closely following the daily newspapers or are sound with current affairs. Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Amalapuram, Eluru; regardless of constant reminders, the Hyderabadis do not get a hang of  all the places in the East side and west side. Dear Lord, please help!!

3. Khammam is in Andhra

Now, this is one serious mistake. Particularly  now that we are two states. Khammam is not Andhra. It falls under Telangana region. And so does Nalgonda. And Mahboobnagar. There would have been so many instances when you would heard your friends and relatives talk about coming from or going to Khammam. Stop being a New Yorker now. Start looking at the maps closely.

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4. Kukatpalli is the Mini Andhra Pradesh

Most of the Chichas brought up here with strong roots in Andhra fondly tease Kukatpalli as a mini Andhra Pradesh. This is purely because a chunk of Andhra civilization resides here. Plus, all those swanky malls and markets with familiar Andhra accents heard. The HBCA s have practically turned the place into a mini Andhra in their minds. Blame it on their Telangana friends.

5. Rayalaseema is where Gangsters Reside and Sumos Fly, Right?

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Nah. That’s all filmy. Places like Cudappah, Anantapur and Chittoor are overtly portrayed as violent places filled with mean gangsters in Tollywood films. On the contrary, the people of the Seema region are said to be warm, friendly and extremely hospitable. HBCA s have this tendency to visualize those while flying Sumos and that Lungi dance at the very mention of the word Seema. Stop doing that!!

These and many more, the Hyderabad Born Confused Andhraites continue to have a whale of time understanding their roots. Let there be enlightenment.



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